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Schomp Automotive Technicians

At Schomp Automotive, we believe in the power of our technicians.

At Schomp your investment in education, time, and tools will not come unrewarded. Explore how becoming a technician for Schomp is different than becoming a technician anywhere else in the country.

Leveraging our partnerships can catalyze your quest for education and certifications through connections, scholarships, and much more. Down the road, whether you’re ready to further your education, begin an apprenticeship, or take the next step towards creating a fulfilling career, we’re confident that you’ll find a home at Schomp unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Stop by any of our facilities and ask for a tour from a service manager or shop foreman. We’ll be happy to show you first-hand what makes us different, and how we can ensure your success every step along the way.


BMW STEP has been (and remains) the most comprehensive BMW technician development program in North America. Funded by BMWNA, the program chooses the finest talent from post-secondary automotive schools and colleges across the country. Since its inception in 1996, STEP has produced over 3,000 graduates, most of whom are still working at dealerships today.

Emily Griffith Technical College

The Emily Griffith Technical College’s Automotive Technology program guides students through an eight-step Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification program. Through the years, Schomp Automotive has donated several vehicles and supported multiple scholarship programs through the Emily Griffith foundation. Click below to learn more about the curriculum, and contact the school today to explore education and scholarship opportunities.

Clear The Air Foundation

Founded by Colorado Automobile Dealers Association and its members in 2007, Clear the Air Foundation strives to effectively lessen the amount of pollution emitted by old or not properly maintained vehicles on Colorado’s roads. As of July 2017, they’ve crushed 2,501 high-emitting vehicles in our state alone!


Further, Clear the Air offers 20 annual scholarships of $2,500 each to students attending an automotive or diesel college. The idea is to further interest in (and development of) technicians who, by properly maintaining vehicles, will continue to reduce the emissions and pollution of vehicles throughout our state. Click below to learn more and apply!

Weber State University

Located in Ogden, Utah, Weber State University offers a comprehensive suite of automotive service and technology degree and certification programs. They’ve been ranked in the top 10 automotive programs by, top 16 best automotive technology colleges in the U.S. by, and have received substantial credibility within the automotive industry for their curriculum. For program and scholarship information, or to view all available automotive courses, click below! Whether or not you’re a Utah resident, this is one of the very best automotive programs available in the nation today.
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