career & professional growth

Schomp is an organization that promotes from within. It is an open organization with leadership that will listen to employees that have the answers to make our organization better. Schomp is an organization that makes substantial commitments to the community, and has been doing so for decades. Simply put, Schomp Automotive is a great organization to establish your career.


Over 70 years of business the auto industry has seen peaks and valleys, significant challenges and surging success. Through all the ups and downs Schomp has not only succeeded in continual growth – we have succeeded in serving our community at levels that are un-paralleled with our counterparts. The Schomp Automotive brand is synonymous with giving.

The giving is not only monetary, our employees volunteer hundreds of hours to initiatives our company is passionate about, and continually seek employees to add to the list of things we can do to improve our community.


Loved by everyone but the competition. It is a statement we are committed to continually fulfill. Lisa Schomp introduced the Denver market to the One Price philosophy in 1993. At the time it was controversial and revolutionary – but simply the right thing to do for our clients.

Others are still trying to adapt and replicate while Schomp has been practicing the One Price perfection for years. It is a philosophy that is rooted in respect for our clients – a respect for their time and removing any games such as dealer fees and hidden costs.  It is a philosophy that has the awards stacking up from the brands we represent and continual repeat business from our clients.