Family Owned

The Schomp Automotive Group is a fourth generation family owned Colorado business. We are passionate about the success of our employees and the satisfaction of our customers. The longevity of our business success and our growth is rooted in the simple philosophy to grow our employees and treat our customers with the respect and courtesy they deserve.

Never Settling

Employees at Schomp Automotive will attest, our culture is drivin by a competitive passion to be the best. We are constantly deploying new strategies and technologies to improve the customer experience, investing in our employees for professional growth and investing in our facilities to continue to grow and provide a first class experience for our customers.

Customer Focused

Lisa Schomp introduced the One Price Philosophy in 1993 to the Colorado market. Revolutionary and somewhat controversial at the time, this decision was above all else,  customer focused. With that decision a culture of customer first was established and that filters through every part of our business and sets us apart from our competition.